Sean Gill Works On Display at Purdue University Galleries from October 21-December 8

Two short video pieces by Sean Gill– "Makin' a Martini" and "Do You Want to Go to the Circus?  Do You Want to Go to the Circus" will be screening on loop as a part of a horror-art exhibition called "Big Fat Scary Deal" at the Purdue University Galleries.  Specifically- at the Robert L. Ringel Gallery in Stewart Center at Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana). 

The works will be on display from October 21 through December 8, 2013.  Hours and additional information are available here.


New Trailer for The Dead Dream Machine

Dead Dream Machine: Trailer from Sean Gill on Vimeo.

Only two weekends remain:  tickets are available here.


More praise for The Dead Dream Machine–  written by Jake Thomas, directed by Rachel Klein, produced by Eric Schmalenberger, and video art directed and sound designed by Sean Gill.

New York Magazine names it a "Critics' Pick" and says: "In this very strange play, a mad scientist has built a machine that extracts dreams from a young woman’s brain. At the finale every night, a crew of alt-venue stars—drag queens, born-to-showbiz kids, burlesque artists— all join in on a goth performance of a Nick Cave tune."

Downtown Traveler says:  "New York City has no shortage of Halloween attractions...but if you are looking for more high-brow entertainment– with a decidedly anti-Wall Street bent– head to Brooklyn for Dead Dream Machine.  This off- off- off- Broadway show features a talented cast and scenes that range from hysterical to bizarre... a uniquely Brooklyn production that combines elements of burlesque, acrobatics, puppetry and bondage. ... so hysterical, offbeat and downright bizarre [some segments] played over and over in my mind throughout the weekend.  ...You’ll feel trendy just for attending this show."

Brooklyn Spaces says:  "I was lucky enough to catch a press preview of ...the incredible Dead Dream Machine... and it RULES. Go!"

Bushwick Daily says: "The campy horror show is thoroughly enjoyable, and the variety approximates the unsettling, kaleidoscopic nature of our dreams... It is quick and humorous throughout, gothically campy, well-acted, and feels as unsettling as a half-remembered dream."

Courtesan Macabre says:  "I had the pleasure of trekking out to East Williamsburg (Bushwick) NY last night to experience the new production, The Dead Dream Machine... It was disturbing and made you squirm... [director Rachel Klein] mixes style and sensuality into her visual storytelling."

My Entertainment World says:  "Consistently entertaining. ...a series of both horrifying and comedic skits.  ...the ensemble of The Dead Dream Machine was remarkable.  ...I enjoyed living the nightmares produced by the The Dead Dream Machine."

There are still two more weekends remaining– you can get tickets here, watch Sean Gill's trailer here, and get more information here.



Flavorpill says: "The Dead Dream Machine is a thoroughly entertaining compendium of dark skits ranging from a teenage horror spoof to a hilariously foul-mouthed puppet show to gothic burlesque ballets and aerialists... [Sean Gill's] creepy projections on an old red velvet curtain complete the Silencio-scene-in-Mulholland-Drive vibe."

Time Out New York names it a "Good Odds" pick: "a boundary-dissolving horror show, which includes magic, puppetry, aerialism and live song and dance... the imaginative Rachel Klein directs and choreographs."

Black Book Magazine says:  "The show stars various luminaries from the alternative stages of New York City... The whole shebang is directed and choreographed by the amazing Rachel Klein... this is amazing. You must go."

City Guide says:  "...this Brooklyn-based show pumps the horror genre through a mad-scientist’s dream-extracting device, spinning out musical numbers, a zombie dance, aerialists, puppetry and assorted luminaries from the City’s alternative stages – all profoundly nightmarish."

Broadway Spotted says:  "... the best parts of old school horror movies [are] the comedy, and when Machine connected to that, it was gold... with Halloween coming up it is just the right kind of show to get you into the spooky spirit!"


"DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE CIRCUS? DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE CIRCUS?" is an official selection at PollyGrind 2013 

Sean Gill's absurdist horror short, Do You Want to Go to the Circus? Do You Want to Go to the Circus? has been named an official selection for PollyGrind 2013, the underground film festival of Las Vegas, where Gill's film Fresh Piss previously won the 2012 award for "Best Transgressive Short."

The synopsis is as follows:  "You are cordially invited to make the acquaintance of a remarkable circus duck who, incidentally, happens to be in your apartment."  It stars John Sellers and Perry Triplett, features music by Jesse Carlson and Norka, and was written, shot, edited, and directed by Sean Gill.