"For Want of a Better Word" in The Cincinnati Review

Sean Gill's short story "For Want of a Better Word," which won the 2018 Robert and Adele Schiff Award in Prose, is now available for purchase in print in Volume 15, Issue 1 of The Cincinnati Review.

Fiction Editor Michael Griffith writes, "Sean Gill’s excellent 'For Want of a Better Word' begins with a clever premise—a lab assistant inventing words for an experiment in artificial intelligence—and then does ingenious things with tone and timespan to make that premise far more than merely clever. The result is a surprising, touching, funny, and bittersweet story about the ways being smart can help us, and the ways it can’t."


"Little Green Men" in The Saturday Evening Post

Sean Gill's "Little Green Men," a short story about boys who play at war, has been published in the latest issue of The Saturday Evening Post.

Founded in 1821, The Saturday Evening Post has published authors such as Ray Bradbury, Agatha Christie, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Robert A. Heinlein, Sinclair Lewis, Dorothy Parker, Edgar Allan Poe, J.D. Salinger, Carl Sandburg, John Steinbeck, and Kurt Vonnegut.


"The Globe" in The Common

Sean Gill's latest essay, about a particular globe on display at the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin, has been published online at The Common, as a part of their "Dispatches" series.


"You Can't Superglue Your Way Out of This One" in The Carolina Quarterly

Sean Gill's latest short story "You Can't Superglue Your Way Out of This One" has been published in the Summer 2018 (Vol. 67, No. 2) issue of The Carolina Quarterly. The issue is available for purchase in print here.

One of America's oldest literary journals, The Carolina Quarterly is published by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and has featured work by writers such as Raymond Carver, Anthony Burgess, Don DeLillo, and Caitlin Horrocks.


"Are We Having Fun Yet" in Bat City Review's 2018 Short Prose Contest

Sean Gill's latest short story, "Are We Having Fun Yet," was chosen as one of the finalists of Bat City Review's 2018 Short Prose Contest. It has been published online along with the other winning stories here.

Bat City Review is the literary journal of the University of Texas at Austin, and has previously published authors such as Tomaž Šalamun, G.C. Waldrep, and Mahmoud Darwish.

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