"The Movie" in the anthology "Dream City Blues: Dystopian Utopias"

Sean Gill's surrealistic horror short story "The Movie" is one of eleven weird tales featured in the new British anthology Dream City Blues: Dystopian Utopias. The collection is edited by Mark Howard Jones (a Welsh horror author and frequent contributor to S.T. Joshi's Cthulhu anthologies), and is described thusly: "From shining towers to filthy back alleys; from bright sunlit parks to dingy, cramped basements; this misguided tour through our dream cities is beset with dangerous pitfalls. Here are eleven diverse visions of cities that are unsettling, horrific, outlandish and bizarre in turn. Come and visit...but don't forget your return ticket." It is available for purchase in print here.


"The Computer Man" Chosen as one of the winners of The Fiction Desk's 2017 Flash Fiction Competition

UK-based publisher The Fiction Desk has just announced that Sean Gill's short story "The Computer Man" has been chosen as one of the winners of their 2017 Flash Fiction Competition. It will appear in print in their next anthology, due out in early 2018.


"The Subtle Difference" in Monkeybicycle

Sean Gill's latest short story, "The Subtle Difference," has been published in Monkeybicycle's latest collection of one-sentence stories.


Monkeybicycle is a Seattle-based literary journal (active since 2002) that has published work by writers such as Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, and Charlie Jane Anders.


"The Free Thinker and the Automaton" in Barrelhouse

Sean Gill's latest essay, a heavily-footnoted critique of the Freddy Vs. Jason movie tie-in novelization (entitled: "The Free Thinker and the Automaton: Polarity and Duality in Stephen Hand's Freddy Vs. Jason: The Novelization of the Screenplay by Damian Shannon and Mark J. Swift"), has been published online at Barrelhouse Magazine, as a part of their "Barrelhouse of Horrors" series this October.


"For Want of a Better Word" wins the Robert and Adele Schiff Award in Prose

The Cincinnati Review has just announced Sean Gill's short story "For Want of a Better Word" as the winner of the 9th Annual Robert and Adele Schiff Award in Prose. The story will appear in print in the Summer 2018 issue of The Cincinnati Review.

Fiction Editor Michael Griffith writes, "Sean Gill’s excellent 'For Want of a Better Word' begins with a clever premise—a lab assistant inventing words for an experiment in artificial intelligence—and then does ingenious things with tone and timespan to make that premise far more than merely clever. The result is a surprising, touching, funny, and bittersweet story about the ways being smart can help us, and the ways it can’t."

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