Written, directed, and produced by playwright Sean Gill. 

Submitted for your perusal, Jillaine Gill, lady on a stage. She requests your company on a mystifying voyage to one of those old, out-of-the-way places; a land of splinters and shadows and the darkest corners of the world... 

Dreams of the Clockmaker is an unconventional one-woman show which follows our enigmatic "Shadow Lady" as she regales us with troubling visions of a dystopian future, enacts a low-rent 80’s magic show, and bewilders us with Dust Bowl occultism while reliving her captivity in the stately mansion of a master manipulator known only as “The Clockmaker.”

Dreams of the Clockmaker was performed at the Duplex in May of 2010, and a full run was mounted at the The Wild Project in Manhattan through October of 2011.   It was chosen as a "Good Odds" pick of the week by Time Out New York.

Starring Jillaine Gill.  With lighting design by Drama Desk nominee Ben Kato.  Costumes by Jillaine Gill, Rachel Klein, and Danielle Marie Fusco.  Stage managed by Brandy Rowell.  Photos by Joe Stipek.

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In October 2016, it was abridged and adapted by Grace Connolly as a radio play for Cleaver Magazine.



Written and directed by playwright Sean Gill.  Four years after Laurie Deacon vanishes without a trace, a couple is plagued by persistent, unanswered questions which may implicate them in her disappearance.  Forced to defend themselves against a roommate's prying, a truth is revealed that becomes far more overwhelming and complex than their accuser could have possibly imagined.
A reading of Laurie Deacon and the Night Caller was performed at the Robert Moss Theater in Manhattan on June 17th, 2010, in partnership with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS as a part of the Planet Connections Theater Festivity.  It was later nominated for “Best Reading” and “Best Actress in a Reading (Jillaine Gill)” at the Planet Connections Theater Festivity Awards Ceremony.  
Featuring:  Jillaine Gill, Kristy Hasen, Joe Stipek, Meghan Holland, and Josh Hyman.



Written by playwright Sean Gill, Aenigma pendulates between the absurdly comic and the genuinely disturbing as two show-biz sisters must cope with a series of increasingly appalling events which eventually take a turn for the fantastic. Told with an inventive flashback structure which incorporates multiple points-of-view and even the live action staging of a videotape playback, Aenigma delights in literally and figuratively “twisted” storytelling.  Aenigma was performed as one half of the horror double feature Something Weird…in the Red Room produced by Rachel Klein in association with Junta Juleil Theatricals. It was performed October 7th through October 31st, 2008 at the Red Room Theater in Manhattan. Aenigma was directed and choreographed by Rachel Klein.

Featuring: Jillaine Gill, Elizabeth Stewart, Bret Jaspers, Rob Richardson, Dasha Kittredge, Claire Sansaricq, and Christopher Loar.
Costume Design by Emily Dorwart, Makeup Design by Anita Rundles, Sound Design by Sean Gill, Photos and Lighting Design by Lisa Soverino. Stage Managed by Marina Steinberg.  Featuring original Composition by Sean Gill and John Gill.

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Written by playwright Sean Gill, Go-Go Killers! is a campy, stylized, choreographic, retro-futuristic play that depicts the New York metropolitan area ten years hence, imagining the potentially horrific outcomes of both the current economic crisis and the global warming debacle.  By “2019,” the gulf between rich and poor has been so widened that anything approximating the  middle class ceases to exist.  Hordes of stylishly violent women, comprised of go-go dancing gang debs, roam America’s underbelly with the intent to kidnap or kill each member of a list of the nation’s wealthiest citizens. Pulp entertainment takes the stage by a dancing storm!  Performed at the Sage Theater in Times Square from May 8th through May 30th, 2009. Rachel Klein Productions in Association with Junta Juleil Theatricals, LTD.  Written by Sean Gill. Directed and choreographed by Rachel Klein.

Starring: Leasen Almquist, Joe Stipek, Elizabeth Stewart, Kari Warchock, Reagan Wilson, Jillaine Gill and Kevin G. Shinnick.

Featuring: Dana Perry, Megan O’Connor, Marna Kohn, Robyn Nielsen, Michael Porsche, Don DiPaolo, Michele Cavallero, Danielle Marie Fusco, Chala Savino, Lisa Fiebert, Helen Wo, Brian Rubiano, Preston Burger, Freddy Mancilla, and Veronica Vroom.  Costume Design by Emily Dorwart, Costume Coordination by Rachel Klein and Jillaine Gill, Makeup Design by Anita Rundles, Sound Design by Sean Gill, Prop Design by Lizz Giorgos and Joey Nova.  Lighting and Photos by Lisa Soverino.  Stage Manager Marina Steinberg.  Graphic design by Jesse Carlson.

An excerpt of Go-Go Killers! was featured at “Cabaret Nights” and “La MaMa Moves!” , La MaMa E.T.C.’s international dance festival.  It was featured as an "Editor's Pick" in Go! Magazine and a "Homo Must" in HX Magazine.

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Featuring a story co-written by playwright Sean Gill and director/choreographer Rachel Klein.

Upon dying, Maria Macabre is not granted eternal slumber, but instead a whirling, kaleidoscopic carnival of horrors: a morbid funhouse where humanity is stripped away and a permanent place in the gruesome chorus line is all but assured.

The Tragedy of Maria Macabre is a carnival of horrors that begins at the end of the life of our twisted heroine, Ms. Macabre. Arriving in the land of the dead, Maria Macabre is greeted by the King and the Queen of the Dead, and many other ghoulish Hades-Dwellers including a maniacal Ringmistress, a Beauty Queen burnt to a crisp, a menacing Pierot Clown, and three skeletal Mariachis.

Starring: Abigail Hawk, Elizabeth Stewart, Michael Porsche, Eric Schmalenberger, Megan O’Connor, Danielle Marie Fusco, Freddy Mancilla, Preston Burger, Brian Rubiano, Danny Mendoza, Ethan O'Hara, and Scooter Pie.

The Tragedy of Maria Macabre is directed, choreographed and costume and wig designed by Rachel Klein. Featuring sound design and editing by Sean Gill, make-up design by Anita Rundles, costume construction by Rachel Klein, Megan O’Connor, and Stacy Maillet, Kae Burke, and Make Fun Studios.  Feather design by Ashley Morgan Monroe.  Featuring original composition by Borut Krzisnik (Peter Greenaway's The Tulse Luper Suitcases).  Photography by Beau Allulli and Michael Blase.

The Tragedy of Maria Macabre has had excerpts featured at La MaMa, the Kitchen, the 3rd Ward, the Red Lotus Room, the Bowery Poetry Club, and Dixon Place, with a full run at The Wild Project in Manhattan in October of 2011.  This work was created in part through The Field’s Emerging Artist Residency program, supported by the Tides Foundation.

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Featuring a story co-written by playwright Sean Gill and director/choreographer Rachel Klein.

Symphony of Shadows is Dixon Place's Mondo Cané dance commission of Rachel Klein's morbid fantasia, a world premiere event which shall debut in June of 2012.

A macabre aerial spectacle in expressionistic dance theater, Klein’s choreography evokes 1920s Max Fleisher cartoons and silent film á la The Phantom of the Opera, Secrets of a Soul, & Nosferatu. Twenty dancers, aerialists, contortionists and musicians offer windows into the nightmare-scape of a tortured imagination.

Starring the Rachel Klein Theater Ensemble: Ted Caine, Brian Ferree, Danielle Marie Fusco, Xavier Hageman, Zahra Hashemian, Abdiel Jacobsen, Christina Johnson, Natasha King, Kristen Lee, Freddy Mancilla, Ka Mazing, Danny Mendoza, Nicki Miller, Robyn Nielsen, Megan O’Connor, Scooter Pie, Michael Porsche, Evgenia Radilova, Brian Rubiano, Eric Schmalenberger, Francis Stallings, and Elizabeth Stewart.

Featuring an original, live violin concerto by Sean Hagerty and sound design by Sean Gill.  Costumes by Kae Burke with Isavel Ironbear, Rachel Klein, and Elena Delgado.  Stage Management by Marina Steinberg.  Photography by Michael Blase.  Graphic design by Sean Gill.

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Stage Blood is Never Enough is a theatrical spectacle paying tribute to the horror films of the 1980s, integrating the talents of actors, dancers, clowns, and burlesque artists into a cohesive evening of creepy comedy and eccentric tragedy.  Featuring work inspired by only the finest of 80s horror films, ranging from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Sleepaway Camp to Frankenhooker and Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Featuring works by playwright Sean Gill, guest playwright Libby Emmons, and director/choreographer Rachel Klein.  Directed by Rachel Klein, Sean Gill, Jillaine Gill, and Joe Stipek.

Costume Design by Rachel Klein. Makeup Design by Anita Rundles. Sound Design by Sean Gill. Stage Manager Marina Steinberg.  Performed by Veronica Vroom, Jillaine Gill, Sean Gill, Elizabeth Stewart, Michael Porsche, Brian Rubiano, Preston Burger, Michele Cavallero, Megan O’Connor, Kari Warchock, the Luvely Rae, Kristen Lee, Danielle Marie Fusco, Joe Stipek, Freddy Mancilla, Abigail Hawk, Dana Perry, Robyn Nielsen, Beau Allulli, Rob Richardson, Josh Hyman, and Sapphire Jones.  

Stage Blood is Never Enough performed at the Duplex in Manhattan in October of 2009, with excerpts from the show being featured in various other venues, from the Red Lotus Room to the Bowery Poetry Club to Big Vision, Empty Wallet.

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Presented in association with the Bowery Poetry Club and Psycho Space Laboratory (a fusion of Blue Box Productions, Junta Juleil Theatricals, and Rachel Klein Productions). 


February 27, 2011 at the Bowery Poetry Club.  An immersive world of 50s & 60s sci-fi entertainment, blending vintage pop culture with futuristic speculation, which converted the Bowery Poetry Club into a world of performance adventure. This initial installment of the residency featured a space age story interwoven throughout an entire evening of performance art, dance, and performance art curation by Eric Schmalenberger (Banzai!, the Arch Collective, the Citizen’s band). Emceed by Eric Schmalenberger and Miss Kristen Lee, featuring Elizabeth Stewart, Megan O'Connor, Michael Porsche, Preston Burger, Freddy Mancilla, Brian Rubiano, Scooter Pie, Robyn Nielsen, Rosabelle Selavy and Miss Kristen Lee; short Plays by Libby Emmons and Sean Gill; Live Music by Jeffrey Marsh; and performances by Joe Stipek, Jake Thomas, Nancy Noto, and Jillaine Gill.


April 24, 2011 at the Bowery Poetry Club.  A shocking, earth-shattering collision of plastic grass, performance art, burlesque, live musical performance, grown men in bunny costumes, and short plays featuring the talents of playwright and performer Sean Gill, Jillaine Gill, Libby Emmons, Rachel Klein, Dave Marcus, Eric Schmalenberger, Scooter Pie, Mary Sheridan, Christopher Burris, Creamed Stu, Lola Luscious Monroe, Megan O'Connor, Michael Porsche, Jody Christopherson, Ali Ayala, J. Michael Grey, and Michael de Roos.



May 22, 2011 at the Bowery Poetry Club.  An ode to quotidian horrors, instability, and unspeakable madness. The variety hour featured Chainsaw Alley's a Helluva Place to be at 3 O'Clock in the Morning, Or At Any Other Time, written by Sean Gill, Performed by Meghan Holland and Jillaine Gill, Directed by Booze E. Thymes; comedy by Kerryn Feehan; Absolutely Cuckoo, conceived by Jake Thomas and performed by Jake Thomas and Sean Gill; He's Mine, conceived and performed by Kristy Hasen; Choose Your Own Adventure: The Worst Day of Your Life, performed by Sean Gill; Killer Workout, created and choreographed by Rachel Klein and performed by Abbie Hawk, Scooter Pie, Freddy Mancilla, Brian Rubiano, Robyn Nielsen, and Danielle Marie Fusco; A Sermon, by The Preacher; Peaches, a play written by Sean Gill, directed by Jillaine Gill, and performed by Chris Cipriano, Jose Ramos, Robyn Nielsen, and Eden Foster; comedy by Brandy Rowell; Hyperspace, choreographed and Performed by Sean Gill; and the mind-blowing performance piece, I Never Sprang for my Father, performed by Black Temple Shirley.



June 26, 2011 at the Bowery Poetry Club.  Spearheaded by Rachel Klein, Night of the Living Dolls was a variety hour of burlesque, theater, dance, circus.  Hosted by David F. Slone, Esq., and starring Eric Schmalenberger as the toymaker.  Featuring the Rachel Klein Theater Ensemble, Angela Harriel and the Love Show, Scooter Pie, Lola Luscious Monroe & the Silky Sirens Burlesque, Creamed Stu, and a frightening ventriloquist's dummy routine written by and featuring Sean Gill, with Jillaine Gill.






January 29th, 2012 at the Bowery Poetry Club.  Hosted by Christian Slater (Sean Gill) and rocker Tommy Lee (Michael Porsche), Ren Is a Total Fox was a paean to 80s dance starring the talents of the Rachel Klein Theater Ensemble, Scooter Pie, Ashley Morgan Monroe, Silky Sirens Burlesque, Creamed Stu, Angela Harriel, David Sloane, & the Love Show, Jody Christopherson, Michael de Roos, Robyn Nielsen, Eden Foster, Evgenia Radilova, and a poetic reading of "Top That" performed by Sean Gill.




February 26, 2012 at the Bowery Poetry Club.  Combining live performance, singers, dancers, comics, and hosted by Sean Young (Jillaine Gill) and Christian Slater (Sean Gill), the Giant Oscar Mess delivered awards to the films that really deserved them– films starring the likes of Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lorenzo Lamas, and Jamie Lee Curtis.  Featuring celebrity guest appearances.




March 25, 2012 at the Bowery Poetry Club.  A smorgasbord of theater, comedy, and insanity hosted by Jillaine Gill, and featuring live performances by Kerryn Feehan, Lisa D., Jessie Richardson, Dave Marcus, Katie Hayes, Don DiPaolo, Natalie Green, and a dramatic reading and several films by Sean Gill.





Written, directed, and produced by playwright Sean Gill, Stage Blood is Not Enough debuted at the Collective Unconscious in New York City on March 17, 2008.  It is the story of a young girl who finds herself transported through a series of encounters of an increasingly terrifying nature.  Starring Jillaine Gill, Chris Cipriano, Nick Paglino, Lawrence Jensen, Eva Navon, Nick Garcia, and Dana Perry. 



Written by playwright Sean Gill and directed by Rachel Klein, Our Prison debuted at The Tank Theater in New York City on July 2, 2008 as a part of Trapped, a series of three prison-based one-acts.  A tragi-nostalgic tale of female bonding, everyday life, contortion, and prison escape.  Starring Jillaine Gill, Elizabeth Stewart, Christopher Loar, and Michael Porsche.  It later appeared on August 26, 2008 as a part of Whhhacky Summer Smash-Up Shake-Down! at the Craine Theater in New York City.



Sticky is a 10-minute play series founded in 2000, and maintained by Blue Box Productions' Libby Emmons, Dave Marcus, and Ali Ayala.  Sean Gill has written several plays which have appeared in Sticky between 2010 and 2012, including Bad Boys, Chainsaw Alley..., and Kolmanskop, which was commissioned especially for their Deserted Islands/Deserted Cities series in 2011.



Sean Gill was a staff playwright for Another Urban Riff's Project 30 [the brainchild of creator Steven Tanenbaum (Mono, How to Score Your Life)] from 2006 to 2008, and he wrote, directed, and performed in over two dozen short plays within that span.  More information is available here.