Sean Gill makes a rare acting appearance in Ryan Garretson and Robyn Nielsen's latest film, Maximum Stache: Quantum Redeemer, which appeared alongside Gill's film The Everlasting Vintage this past Sunday in Brooklyn at Flux Fest 2013, a festival dedicated to short films about time travel.  For a limited time (through August 6th) you can watch Maximum Stache: Quantum Redeemer here.

Sean Gill (pictured right) appears (alongside his sister, actress Jillaine Gill) as Chronopoulos, the inventor of time travel.



Sean Gill's latest short film, The Everlasting Vintage, will premiere this Sunday, July 28th at the Flux Fest in Brooklyn.  Additional details and ticket information are available here.



Sean Gill's latest short story, entitled "The King of Far Rockaway" can be read in the new July 2013 issue of the literary magazine Full of Crow.  You may read the story here.



Sean Gill's latest film (in association with RKP Productions), THE EVERLASTING VINTAGE, will debut on July 28th at Flux Fest, a festival featuring ten short films about time travel.

THE EVERLASTING VINTAGE's synopsis is as follows:  "A champagne aficionado stumbles upon a mysterious gateway to the past."  It stars Joe Stipek and Michael Porsche, features original music and artwork by Jesse Carlson, costumes and art direction by Rachel Klein, taxidermy and other design by Daisy Tainton, and was written, directed, and edited by Sean Gill.

When:  July 28, 2013  /  Doors at 6:00 P.M.  /  Screening at 8:00 P.M.

Where:   Sandbox Studio Brooklyn, 154 Morgan Avenue in Brooklyn (Off the Morgan Ave. L stop, or the Flushing Ave. M stop).

What:  Flux Fest!

How:  Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door, include a six hour open bar, and are available here!

From the press release:

"Flux Fest challenges a group of young filmmakers to produce high-quality short films about time-travel. JOIN US JULY 28th!

With only eight weeks to take their projects from concept to completion, each team works tirelessly for the duration of the challenge to make the best short film possible, all culminating in a one-of-kind night of movie-watching and celebration.

From Spooky Fest (in which filmmakers were commissioned to make horror shorts in time for Halloween 2012) to Love Fest (romantic-comedy shorts for Valentine’s Day 2013) festival attendance grew by more than three-times and Flux Fest promises to expand upon its predominantly Brooklyn-based audience even further. Just as the number of participating filmmakers and exhibited films offered has grown, so too has the following of this impressive community of filmmakers who work to support eachother in spite of the fact that they will eventually compete against one another for a variety of awards, including an Audience Choice Award, an award for Best in Show, and an award for Creative Ambition. Both Best in Show and Creative Ambition honorees will be chosen by a distinguished panel of judges.

By purchasing a ticket to Flux Fest, audience members will also receive a six hour open bar and the chance to enjoy a variety of live entertainment acts throughout the night.

Flux Fest participants include: Maurice Caicedo, Chris Cipriano, Grier Dill, James Gannon, Joe Gannon, Ryan Garretson, Brett Glass, Sean Gill, Tessa Greenberg, Philip Henken, Cale Hughes, Christine Kecher, Lit Kilpatrick, Rachel Klein, Carl Conway Maguire, Alex Meyers, Robyn Nielsen, Shaun Seneviratne, Megan Stein, Michael Tosner, Jarrod Zayas, and many more."


FRESH PISS at the Atlanta Film Festival

Fresh Piss, which has played previously at Bideodromo in Bilbao, Spain, and won the 2012 "Best Transgression Short" at the PollyGrind Film Festival in Las Vegas will be appearing this March at the prestigious, Oscar-qualifying Atlanta Film Festival.  For those in the area, it will screen as a part of the "Unconventional Shorts" program on Saturday, March 23rd, at 8:00 p.m. at the Plaza Theatre (1049 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE) in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood of Atlanta.  Tickets and more information are available here.

The film is described thusly:  "A nasty little scene, set in a cesspool. A nefarious, masked man hires two fun-loving, Thunderbird-swilling hobos to assist him in a specialized task."  It's dark, political, and features a curious combination of masked men and ventriloquist's dummies.  It stars John Sellers, Isaiah Piper, Astrid Ferrari, Scooter Pie, and Eric Schmalenberger, and was written, shot, edited, and directed by Sean Gill.